Bike rental

We currently have no bikes available until August 18th.


We have no fixed shop hours! Please check the booking form before your planned trip for availability!


We offer high quality bikes from Winora, KTM and Victoria. Our trekking bikes are upgraded with puncture-proof tires (Schwalbe Marathon, etc.) and ergonomic grips. We maintain our bikes constantly and do a checkup after every ride.

Trekking bikes

Perfect for exploring the city, the surrounding areas or for the long haul like the Danube Bike Trail. Our trekking bikes (Winora / KTM / Victoria) are equipped with puncture-proof tires and are comfortable to ride with an upright position and ergonomic grips. Our trekking bikes have a rear rack, mudguards and a lighting system (dynamo hub). 24 gears are going to get you up to summits too.

2 days
EUR 35,-
3 days
EUR 47,-
4 days EUR 59,-
5 days EUR 69,-
6 days / 1 WEEK
EUR 79,-
8 days

EUR 87,-

9 days EUR 95,-
10 days EUR 103,-
11 days EUR 111,-
12 days EUR 119,-
13 days / 2 WEEKS EUR 125,-
consecutive days (2 weeks+ rental) EUR 5,- per day
lock, toolset, pump, spare tube free

Bike trip package

For all those who enjoy the freedom of a big bike trip: Trekking bike + Ortlieb Backroller panniers + helmet + lock + pump/spare tube/toolset for EUR 89,-/week - EUR 135,-/2 weeks.

2 days EUR 39,-
3 days EUR 53,-
4 days EUR 67,-
5 days EUR 80,-
6 days / 1 WEEK
EUR 89,-
8 days EUR 98,-
9 days EUR 107,-
10 days EUR 115,-
11 days EUR 123,-
12 days EUR 131,-
13 days / 2 WEEKS
EUR 135,-
consecutive days (2 weeks+ rental)
EUR 5,- per day

Mountain bikes

Great for climbing up the nearby Wienerwald area to enjoy stunning views over the city. The first ascent to "Kahlenberg" is just some 10 minutes away from our shop. Our KTM and Cube mountain bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension and 27.5" wheels.

2 days
EUR 39,-
3 days
EUR 54,-
4 days EUR 69,-
5 days EUR 82,-
6 days / 1 week EUR 94,-
Consecutive days EUR 10,-
lock, toolset, pump, spare tube free

Ortlieb panniers

Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers for the rear rack keep your luggage together and dry. 100% splash water proof, easy handling, big packing volume (2x20 litres).

2 days EUR 7,-
Consecutive days (per day) EUR 2,-

Extra equipment

If you rent one of our bikes, a helmet, lock, toolkit, pump, spare tube, etc. is always included for no extra charge..

  • bring along your ID
  • rental bikes can be picked up and returned from Monday to Saturday by appointment
  • minimum rental period for bikes = 2 days
  • payable in cash (no credit cards, etc.) or via Paypal