At bike20 your bicycle will be fixed at moderate rates. For major repairs and bike services please make an appointment as we are limited in space and time. Minor repairs such as changing tubes and wear parts, brake/gear adjustment don't need appointments. Those repairs are usually done within some hours.

Bike Service

  • Adjusting brakes
  • Adjusting derailleurs
  • Cleaning and lubricating drive train
  • Truing wheels (out of round laterally)
  • Adjusting headset
  • Check: Screw connections, fork, hubs, spoke tension, rims, lighting system, tires/air pressure, pedals, bottom bracket, conformity/traffic regulations

EUR 39,-

  • Adjusting derailleur (front or rear)
  • Changing brake pads (front or rear, V-brakes)
  • Adjusting brakes (front or rear, V-brakes)
  • Adjusting headset
  • Truing wheel (out of round laterally)

EUR 5,-

  • Changing tube/tire/rim tape
  • Changing brake/shift cable
  • Changing chain
  • Changing cassette


EUR 8,-